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About Me

Hilari Rottier


My name is Hilari and I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2005.

Growing up with a Doctor of Chiropractic father and learning about the human body's innate intelligence (ability to heal itself given the right environment), helped cultivate my fascination with the human body. This amazing machine we reside in is the only vessel we are guaranteed to live with the rest of our lives. 

Massage Therapy is my passion for a variety of reasons. I believe as a massage therapist I hold space for my clients to do their healing. Most of my clients come for regular maintenance care, some for a specific injury, and others simply to relax their body and mind.

In this increasingly overstimulated society we live in, massage therapy acts as a pause button restoring your muscles and tissues while rejuvenating your spirit.

It is my honor and privilege to witness my clients let go of stress and allow themselves permission to rest.